Federica Gianni

An Exceptionally Talented Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor and Fitness Model Shares her Success Story

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Federica Gianni

Federica Gianni is a fitness model and fitness competitor, born in Italy where she followed her passion of becoming a dancer and one of Italy’s sought after dance teachers making young kids dreams come true by teaching them rhythm, the sound of music and how to express it through their bodies.

In Italy, Gianni’s work ethic became apparent through her body and she moved to London to explore the fitness and health industry. Gianni went on to become an International PT travelling between London and the Middle East to help others achieve their dream body.

In 2014 Gianni was ready to take the world stage for the 2nd as she competed in one of the Worlds Biggest Fitness competitions WBFF at the London o2 where she placed 6th and was spotted by International brand Multi Power which she is now a leading ambassador for. During her prep for the final puttygen ssh , Gianni trained with one of the worlds known fitness athletes Roger Snipes.

To date Gianni now has 14 years management experience in health & fitness and currently manages one of the largest Personal Training team in UK at Fitness first platinum clubs.

Federica Gianni is an exceptionally talented Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor and Fitness Model. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

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