Shahira Barry

An Exceptionally Talented Irish Model and Winner of 2nd most “Sexiest Irish Women” title Reveals her Fitness and Beauty Secrets Read More

Shahira Barry

Shahira is an Irish, mixed Bangladeshi, model & actress who has attracted the attention of both national and international media. She is a regular in the Irish press and has also featured internationally from the Philippines, to Bangladesh, the USA, Mexico and the UK!

Originally Shahira studied to be a Primary School Teacher and graduated in 2011 from the prestigious Mary Immaculate College, in Limerick Ireland, with a Bachelor of Education degree. Shahira is very proud of her degree but has chosen to focus on the entertainment industry for the foreseeable future. Shahira relocated from Ireland to Los Angeles in 2014.

Shahira has been working hard to make the transition from full time model to budding actress since her move to Hollywood. She secured her SAG eligibility in record time and as a result is now a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Shahira is looking forward to sharing what she has been working on publicly very soon!

Shahira recently secured a booking as a stand-in for her own style icon, Kim Kardashian West, who was filming an E! promo commercial. As a result Shahira also got the opportunity to stand in for all of the Kardashian/Jenner females.

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