Sierra Blair-Coyle

An Exceptionally Accomplished and Talented Professional Rock Climber Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

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Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sierra Blair-Coyle is from Scottsdale

, Arizona, 20-year-old Sierra Blair-Coyle has been competing professionally since the age of 14. A US Bouldering Team member (2010-2014) and two-time National Champion as a junior competitor, Sierra travels the world competing and doing what she loves while also attending Arizona State University on a full-ride academic scholarship.

Sierra Blair-Coyle started climbing at her local mall for fun, and what began as a recreational pastime has turned into a successful athletic career. In 2010, she was the youngest qualifier for the World Cup, and she has recently been placed 3rd at 2014 Dominion Riverrock (Bouldering). She has competed in more than 100 climbing and bouldering contests.

Sierra Blair-Coyle is an exceptionally accomplished and talented Professional Rock Climber. She has stood first at 2012 Knuckle Draggers Ball and won 3rd position at 2014 Dominion Riverrock in Bouldering and Speed Bouldering category. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

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