Mariana Flores

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Mariana Flores

Mariana Flores is a Mexican actress. She was born and raised in Los Cabos B. C. S. Soon she started to feel very interested about theater and started to act in plays at school. She took dancing and singing classes and participated in many events at her home town.

Mariana moved to Los Angeles when she was 20 to study acting at the prestigious academy Stella Adler, where famous actors such as Marlon Brandon or Salma Hayek studied.

In Los Angeles she had the opportunity to work in plays with Oscar Winning director Milton Justice in ‘Waiting For Lefty’, where she played the role of The Actress.’12 Angry Jurors’, where she played the 4th jury directed by May Quigley Goodman; “The Rimers of Eldritch” directed by Kennedy Brown, where she played Evelyn Jackson.

Mariana also played the role of Ximena in the TV show D.I.N.K.S and she collaborated with Kincaid Walker and Mathew Stauter. Miss Flores has starred in a number of short films such as “A Good Reason”

, “TEST”, “And Then We Laughed”, ” March 15th” and the horror film “El Cucuy”.

We’ve seen Mariana Flores in music videos such as “You are Mine” by Jeremih , Sam Tsui “Meant to Be” by Sam Tsui, and ‘Trophy’ by Dell Best.

Right now, we can see Mariana in the feature film “Eleven Hundred to Lubbock”, where she plays the role of Elena, a nurse that is involved in her friend’s last will. The movie has been accepted in the Beverly Hills Film Festival. She has also worked with Oscar winner director Milton Justice.

Mariana was born in Mexico with a treasure of hidden talents. The glory of the Hollywood film and television industry called her from birth. Her frequent visits to the movies as a child inspired her to try her hand at this most competitive of industries. She always knew that she was meant to be a star, and hence nobody could stop this wonderful creature from becoming a part of the glamour of the silver screen.

Having received extensive training from some of the best coaches in both the U.S and Mexico, Mariana integrated her training into many different aspects of her life, and it is reflected in her amazing performances.

Mariana has done it all – stage, screen, web series, music videos, commercials, and more. Her film credits include the drama And Then We Laughed in which Mariana plays a young woman in a mental hospital, Fernando Lincon’s A Good Reason, where Mariana plays the mother of a sick daughter whose husband leaves to find work abroad, Joshua M.

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