Bernadett Matassa

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bernadett matassa

Bernadett Matassa was born and raised in beautiful Hungary, a country located in eastern Europe. As a little girl she was very active and often got into trouble

, so her parents decided to keep her busy by enrolling her in kick-boxing, gymnastics and soccer classes. Since she was fourteen years old, her life has been centered around sports. Not only she is extremely athletic, she has also been blessed with a good singing voice and an ear for music. These gifts allowed her to travel as a musician-her instrument is the recorder-and also as a member of a chorus.

At the age of 18 she enrolled in two colleges to study both literature and music. At this time she also studied to become a fitness instructor. As a college student she became interested in power lifting and soon became the European Power Lifting Champion in her weight class.

Her experiences of traveling as a musician gave her a wanderlust so she decided to set off on the greatest adventure of her young life and move to the United States. After only a short time in the U.S. She met an amazing trainer who later became her husband. Her husband and she own Body Sculpting Personal Fitness in Ormond Beach, Florida and are the parents of a beautiful little boy.

Biggest achievement in her life was becoming an IFBB PRO competitor. It’s an honor to stand on stage with other awesome women who train hard all year round and live the fitness lifestyle like they do.

She hope that with each goal she is able to accomplish and is encouraging and inspirational to others, and she hopes that she is able to help people reach their own personal goals so that they can be happy, healthy, and fit every single day.

She is a professional athlete when she got the biggest news of her life that she was pregnant. It was like a miracle. She was happy and scared at the same time. She knew she has to be as healthy and active as she could be during pregnancy to be able to bounce back quickly into her normal lifestyle after giving birth.

Her whole life has been around health, fitness, personal training and exercising since she was 4 years old. She found a competition as a goal what was 6 weeks after her due date to keep me focused. She read a lot of different articles about safe nutrition and exercising during pregnancy making sure she gave the best to her baby.


Bernadett Matassa: World Hottest IFBB PRO competitor and Fitness Model Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

During pregnancy she was very active and did not stop exercising until she had to give birth. Today she has a beautiful son who is very strong, healthy and athletic. She feels like the happiest fit mom on the whole World.

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