Women Fitness is proud to present leading celebrities, supermodels, actresses, athletes and sports champions in their candid and exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President of Women Fitness. These exceptionally talented and highly accomplished achievers have excelled in their profession be it sports, films, modelling etc. These interviews will give you an insight into their extreme hard work, tenacity, discipline and courage to tread the path where no one has gone before to achieve the unbelievable.

It may be setting a world record in a particular sports or being the first woman to achieve a milestone. These female celebrities and stars lay open their bare heart to reveal their deepest secrets about their life, as to how they reached the pinnacle of success. They reveal their lifestyle, belief, workout, diet and mantra of success. Language, region, countries, colour, religion and background seem irrelevant to them in reaching the peak in their career. They all have one common mantra ” Sincere hard work, hard work and more hard work”.