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Born (1970) to parents who were dedicated doctors, I was brought up among a world of doctors treating patients and trying to heal them with the best of medical facilities available.

Blessed with epilepsy, (thought to be a social stigma in the 80's) specialized in Child Development with a gold medal from my college. Nutrition, both normal and therapeutic were also my subjects which were a favourite. Married in the year 1991 to a brilliant chartered accountant, I am blessed with two daughters, and a son.

After my daughters' birth, postnatal recovery with a healthy diet and exercise became my subjects of interest. I opted for personaized fitness trainer course, studied the human body, a state of art machine created by the supreme being. The more I learned deeper was the fascination and that's how Women Fitness, was created, planned to help and serve women achieve the best in health and fitness.

Twenty years down the line and a tunnelled vision is a clear proof that Women Fitness has been able to fulfil its purpose to a great extent.

In February 2020 Namita released her first book "15 Female Stars of Track & Field: Inspirational Interviews" after successful venture into digital and print magazine titled Women Fitness. The huge success and acceptance is a clear indication of women wanting to learn more and change their lifestyle towards a healthy living.

My Philosophy

Smart Nutrition combined with strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching can help us develop a permanent realistic lifestyle that will translate into better health and happiness. Women Fitness is a passion for me with a sincere and honest purpose. I hope to achieve my goal and serve every women on this planet.

A Day in my Life

Out of bed at 4 o'clock in the morning. I begin with meditation and prayer service. Go for "Sewa" or easy to understand social service at open farms for an hour or so where every kind of work is done by a group of males, females and students. In the farms wheat, rice, pulses, different fruits and vegetables are sown, weeded, harvested, thrashed and consumed. Everything is organic. That's my gym and fat burning ground.

I am strictly vegetarian, and follow a balanced diet with a lot of variety and new recipes. "Eat all and burn off" is my philosophy. Being a conscious eater has helped me maintain a healthy physique. Fitness is all about determination to live a healthy lifestyle and finding ways to stay active.

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